Nashville Man Eating McDonald’s For 100 Days To Lose Weight

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A grandfather from Nashville, Tennessee named Kevin Maginnis has taken a unique approach to his weight-loss journey by embarking on what he’s calling a 100-day McDonald’s-only diet.

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Kevin is documenting his progress on TikTok under the handle @bigmaccoaching and he did his first video post on Feb 21. He says he has already lost 13 pounds in just 11 days, and he predicts that he will lose a total of 50 pounds by the end of his 100-day challenge.

Maginnis is taking a different approach to most fast-food diets, focusing on moderation and portion-sizing. He cuts each meal in half and waits until he feels the “heat” in his stomach before eating.

“I was a boxer, I wrestled in school, and you have to cut to make weight, so cutting the calories, cutting the food in half. If I eat three meals a day, if I cut them in half and I seek the heat before I eat, meaning I wait until that heat in your stomach that says you’re hungry,” he said.

He likens this feeling to his “incinerator” turning on, which helps him burn off excess fat. He believes that his approach will help him lose weight and improve his cardiovascular health, as well as his overall well-being.

“Everyone else calls it hunger. I call it my incinerator turning on to get rid of all the excess and also burn off some of the fat off my body, and then I’ll have that next meal,” he said.

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Maginnis shared his technique for reheating a leftover half of a McDonald’s value meal. According to him, he microwaves the remaining half of the burger with a mug of water to create steam that keeps the bun and contents moist. As for reheating fries, he recommends using an air fryer or a dry skillet to retain their crispness.

“After you’ve done it for about three or four days, your stomach will have shrunk a little bit, and then you can just eat the half, and you can wrap up the other half after you’ve eaten half of it,” he said. “As far as, ‘Is it going to kill me?’ I did the blood work at the beginning. We’ll do bloodwork throughout. My belief is that it’s going to absolutely improve the bloodwork throughout the whole process.”

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Maginnis’ diet is similar to the one followed by filmmaker Morgan Spurlock in the 2004 documentary “Super Size Me.” However, whereas Spurlock gained 24 pounds during his 30-day McDonald’s diet and suffered from mood swings, Maginnis believes that his diet will have the opposite effect.

He has already noticed positive changes in his health, and he plans to do regular blood work to track his progress throughout the 100 days.

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Maginnis’ McDonald’s-only diet is not something that most people would recommend, but his success so far is proof that there is no one right way to lose weight eating from the fast food chain.

With determination, a willingness to try new things, and a focus on moderation and portion-sizing, many people could possibly be able to do what he’s doing to achieve their weight-loss goals.

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