Retro F-150 Truck Channels The 1970s

Retro F-150 Truck Channels The 1970s | Country Music Videos

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A few things were true in the 1970s: the Vietnam War was coming to an end, bell bottoms were all the rage, and the Ford F-150 was totally badass. Beechmont Ford in Cincinnati is paying homage to the F-150s of the past by recreating modern replicas of these jaw dropping vehicles.

Retro Meets Modern

They hold nothing back when custom-creating your truck’s look. Starting with the XLT or Lariat Chrome Package is recommended, but if you have something else in mind, no problem. Beechmont’s Retro Package includes a Black Horse Bed Rack with KC HI-LIGHTS, 3.5″ Ready Lift, and 17″ polished Mickey Thompson wheels. You’ll also get a Satin Pearl White wrap to give you the white contrast on top of your truck’s paint job. Want to hear that familiar F-150 purr? They’ve got you covered – you’ll also get a ROUSH Performance Cat-Back exhaust.

Thinking that this sounds nice, but it will cost a fortune? Wrong. Get your truck customized into an F-150 blast from the past for less than $10,000 (not including the cost of the truck itself, of course).

Check it out in action in the video below.

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