One Family Builds Trick-Or-Treat Mechanism To Deliver Candy & Booze

One Family Builds Trick-Or-Treat Mechanism To Deliver Candy & Booze | Country Music Videos

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A fishing reel, a flying goblin, candy… and beer? One family is using social distancing regulations and a bit of mechanical ingenuity to make a Halloween trick or treating experience that’s just as fun for mom and dad as it is for the kids!

Using a fishing reel, some rope, and creepy Halloween decorations, trick or treaters get a surprise as they approach the driveway of this house – and they get to stay safely distant while they enjoy a unique “treat delivery system.”

When families approach this unique Halloween setup, kids get surprised by a ghost flying right to them to drop off bags of candy. Parents get even more excited than the kiddos when they see a pair of beers waiting for them in a custom-made wooden carrier.

The device isn’t just functional – it looks good too. With colorful Halloween lights, trick or treaters get even more of a show as the sun goes down and they get to see the illuminated ghost flying their way.

Thinking about making something like this in your area? Double-check on the open container laws in your neighborhood – you may need to warn parents to wait to crack open their cold one until they’re back home.

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