Pilot Continues To Fly Plane After Massive Bird Crashes Into Cockpit

YouTube / @ANewsGlobal

In a heart-stopping incident that could easily be mistaken for a Hollywood blockbuster, Ecuadorian aviator Ariel Valiente demonstrated nerves of steel when a colossal bird made an unexpected entrance into his cockpit. A spine-tingling video captured the terrifying encounter, leaving viewers in awe of the pilot’s unshakable composure.

As the footage unfolds, we witness Valiente gripping the control stick, a massive bird ominously dangling before him. With a quick swivel of the camera, we catch a glimpse of his bloodied face, the air filter mask askew—a true embodiment of an unwavering spirit in the face of adversity.

YouTube / @ANewsGlobal

Blood-Covered Pilot Continues Flying Plane

Reported by renowned aviation news outlet FL360aero, this incident took place in the serene Vinces, Los Ríos province of Ecuador. As the bird shattered through the plane‘s windshield mid-air, the quick-thinking pilot, Ariel Valiente, emerged as the true hero of the day.

“In Vinces, Los Ríos province of Ecuador, a huge bird struck through the windshield of a crop duster plane mid-air. Fortunately, the pilot Ariel Valiente managed to control the situation,” aviation news outlet FL360aero said on Twitter.

Experts in the field assert that in moments of sheer stress, aviators instinctively resort to their fundamental training—a testament in this case to the importance of those early lessons. It’s the reason why initial training holds such significance, as it forms the backbone of a pilot’s ability to tackle unexpected scenarios head-on.

The guiding principle etched in the minds of pilots worldwide is a simple yet profound mantra: “aviate, navigate, communicate.” Their first priority is to maintain control of the aircraft, ensuring the safety of all aboard. Once in command, they proceed to navigate the troubled skies before opening channels of communication with air-traffic control, once the emergency is deemed manageable.

YouTube / @ANewsGlobal

While the exact species of the airborne intruder remains uncertain, speculations have surfaced that it might have been the Andean Condor, known for its jaw-dropping wingspan of up to 9 feet.

Not long after the video emerged, it spread like wildfire across social media platforms, captivating the hearts of netizens everywhere. Twitter users were quick to express their awe, with one remarking, “Damn straight outta horror movie. Love how calm the pilot is looking, badass.” Another individual succinctly summed up the mid-air skirmish with a simple yet triumphant proclamation: “Pilot 1. Bird 0.”

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As the aviation world grapples with the aftermath of this adrenaline-fueled video, one thing remains clear—Ariel Valiente’s unflappable courage and unwavering determination have earned him a spot among the legends of the skies.

Pilot Hits Bird Video Below – Watch Now

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