Pitbull Fights Rattlesnake & Saves Owner’s Life

Pitbull Fights Rattlesnake & Saves Owner’s Life | Country Music Videos

Jane Taylor / Facebook


Dog Risks Life To Save Owner

Jane Taylor was hiking near Enchanted Rock in Texas with her pitbull, Nellie and her friend Matthew Tilly when they walked right into a massive rattlesnake.

Jane Taylor / Facebook

Frozen in fright, all Jane could do is scream which triggered her five-year-old pitbull into attack mode. Nellie jumped between her mother and the snake and begun to fight it.

Unfortunately, she was bitten on the nose while Jane helplessly watched unable to stop them from fighting. At this point, her friend Matthew who witnessed this took off his jacket, threw it on the snake and grabbed Nellie pulling her away.

“I kept screaming to try and stop the fight, but then Matthew was smart enough to throw his jacket on the snake and pull Nellie away,” Jane said.

The snake slithered away and the venom started to hit Nellie. She couldn’t walk so Jane picked her up and carried her down the mountain to the car.

Jane Taylor / Facebook

“When we got her in the car her eyes were closed, her head was tilted back and her mouth was open,” Jane explained.

Fortunately, they were able to get Nellie taken to the Pedernales Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg, Texas where she was given an antivenom shot and antibiotics for the bite. Nellie survived and went home to make a full recovery.

According to Jane, she’s a tough dog. Nellie was actually an adopted dog and when Jane first took her in she was very shy and timid around people she didn’t know. She didn’t like loud noises and didn’t trust unfamiliar people or animals.

“It’s taken her a long time to overcome the emotional scars of past abuse, but she has come such a long way,” Taylor shared.

We’re glad Nellie made a full recovery!

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