Rescued Baby Cow Now Sleeps In The House On Dog Bed

Facebook / Carly Henry

A two-week-old starving calf was rescued by an animal neglect investigation team. Shortly after, a lady named Carly Henry, who lived close to the animal rescue center, heard about the cow and went down to take a look at her.

Carly’s Critter Camp

Carly runs an animal sanctuary outside of Austin, Texas, called Carly’s Critter Camp, and was prepared to take care of her if she could adopt her. Carly said she’d always wanted a baby cow.

Facebook / Carly Henry

“I was ready to adopt her,” Carly said. “I just really wanted a cow! I’ve heard people say that the love of a cow is the best thing ever.”

She knew with the cow being so young, she would require extra attention so Carly decided the cow would live with her in her home, with her husband, their dogs, and the cats.

“I said to my husband, ‘Hey, look at this baby,’” Carly said. “I showed him a picture of the calf all covered up in blankets at the foster’s house. I said, ‘I really want to take her and bottle-feed her!’”

Adopting Tulip the baby cow

Carly’s husband was not one hundred percent sure about the whole situation but told her, “Oh my goodness, you’re crazy, but OK, let’s do it!” She was extremely happy about him being ok with it and drove down to the foster center to fill out the adoption papers. It wasn’t long before she was approved to take the baby cow home, so Carly did and named her, Tulip.

When Carly brought Tulip home, she said her husband immediately fell in love. They were kissing and hugging and rubbing all over Tulip who gave the love right back to them.

Facebook / Carly Henry

Tulip quickly became part of the family. She plays with the dogs and sleeps on the dog bed with them in Carly’s bedroom. She comes to Carly and her husband every 3 hours like clockwork to get bottle-fed and has quickly become friends with all the other rescue animals at the camp. Carly says Tulip is amazing with the kids who visit the camp and they all love her too.

“I love her too much, too, too much. She’s bigger, she’s healthy. I was so worried about her when she first came. I love her more than words can say.”

It’s a beautiful rescue story. Everyone deserves to love on a baby cow such as Tulip.

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