Rescuer Pulls 5ft Copperhead Out Of Homeowner’s Shoe

Hodgsons Snakes - Rescue and Removal - Snake Catcher / Facebook

Thinking it had discovered the ideal hiding spot, an Australian copperhead snake slithered its way through the front door and inside a homeowner’s sneaker.

Upon discovering the reptile had taken up residence inside one of their shoes, the homeowners were not happy about it.

However, their concerns were put at ease when a seasoned snake handler from Hodgsons Snakes Rescue and Removal arrived to safely relocate the copperhead.

Despite encountering numerous large snakes in confined spaces as part of his job, the snake handler remained captivated when the massive creature finally unveiled its entire body.

“Who would have thought a [5-foot] copperhead would have fit in [a 1-foot] shoe,” the handler wrote in a Facebook post.

Hodgsons Snakes – Rescue and Removal – Snake Catcher / Facebook

With great care, the snake expert skillfully removed the snake from the shoe and transferred it into a trap bag. Fortunately, the snake remained tranquil throughout the process, which made the task relatively easy.

Although copperheads will typically try to evade human contact and usually refrain from biting when confronted, their venom can be deadly if not promptly treated.

“I just picked up the shoe and gave him a few light pokes until he came out on his own and fell in the bag,” the snake handler told The Dodo.

After being freed from the shoe, the snake was relocated to a creek in the area, well beyond the boundaries of the homeowner’s property, to ensure everyone’s safety.

Hodgsons Snakes – Rescue and Removal – Snake Catcher / Facebook

Now, to prevent snakes from entering the house unnoticed, the handler of Hodgson’s Snakes advises locals to use a raised shoe rack and to keep a clear area of at least three feet on both sides of the front and back doors. This will allow any snakes that do venture inside to be more easily detected and safely removed.

The Australian Museum said the snake wanting to hide in the sneaker is not too much of a surprise since copperhead snakes tend to seek refuge in dim, isolated places.

However, moving forward, this copperhead will be seeking slumber beneath stones or in burrows, far away from the rubber-soled sanctuary it once occupied.

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