Rita Wilson’s Single “Where’s My Country Song?” Is A Tribute To Moms & Hard-Working Women

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Rita Wilson is letting hard-working moms know that she sees them and wants them to know they’re appreciated in her new song, “Where’s My Country Song?”

In the song, Wilson sings about being a woman, who is a single mom, working on overdrive, and not being able to relate to any of the songs on country music radio. The woman in the song didn’t get the happily ever after or white picket fence. However, she’s true to herself, loves her children, and works hard to provide for them. In the lyrics of the song, she compares the difference between the women in country songs and the reality of her life.

“It’s not lipstick and a red dress/ More like a name tag and a paycheck/ I wanna believe, but they don’t know me/ The radio keeps getting it wrong/ So tell me, where’s my country song.”

Wilson tributes her mom and all hard-working women for the inspiration for “Where’s My Country Song?”  She admits she is in awe of the women who work hard daily and sometimes without reward, yet they live their lives with integrity, dignity, and grace. Wilson feels as though these women are not recognized as much as they should be, as they are essential and vital contributors to our society.

In an interview with iHeart Radio, Wilson shared her thoughts and inspiration for the song saying, “My mom was a homemaker. She worked hard and sacrificed, never complaining. She showed me there was honor in her work, whether it was cooking, cleaning, sewing, or caring for her children. Women understand the experience of taking pride in what they do. ‘Where’s My Country Song?’ is about women who are single parents, who work more than one job, who care for aging parents, or go to school to get a degree, all while balancing the challenges of their daily lives. We see them everywhere, going about their lives with quiet dignity. This song is for them.”

Listen to Rita Wilson’s inspirational song “Where’s My Country Song?” below.

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