Robert Irwin Is An Award-Winning Photographer – See Some Of His Snapshots

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The Late Steve Irwin’s Youngest Child, Son Robert Irwin, Has Followed In His Footsteps – He’s A Conservationist & Wildlife Photographer

Robert Irwin was just a few months shy of turning three years old when his father, beloved conservationist and TV personality Steve Irwin, passed away. Although Steve is no longer with us, his passion for wildlife lives on through his wife, Terri, and his children, Robert and Bindi.

The trio is now carrying on Steve’s legacy through a new television series, Crikey! It’s the Irwins.

Fans have come to know Robert through the years thanks to his frequent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Every time Robert visits, he brings a bunch of animal friends along to meet Jimmy. The TV host has some pretty priceless reactions upon meeting some of the critters that Robert brings on the show.

Whenever he finds spare time, Robert devotes himself to another passion of his…photography. He combines that passion with his love for animals, and takes some breathtaking pictures of wildlife around the world.

In fact, Robert’s photographs are so outstanding that he has actually won awards for them. According to his website, he is also the leading photography contributor to the Australia Zoo’s Crikey magazine.

To recognize Robert’s outstanding talent, we’ve gathered a batch of some of his most beautiful photos here for you to admire. Go ahead and take a look at the stunning shots below.

Photo #1

In this picture, Robert captured a bunch of birds mid-flight, resulting in a gorgeous image. Can you spot the hidden coyote in the grass?

Photo #2

Robert said this puffin was one of “the most beautiful birds” he ever photographed. This is one of the most beautiful photos we’ve ever seen!

Photo #3

Robert took this photo during one of his first trips to Africa, and it’s a striking sight. He said that zebras have always been a favorite photography subject of his because of their unique stripes.

Photo #4

No animals to be seen in this photo, but it still showcases raw, natural beauty. Robert said he stood in the “dark and cold for hours” in order to get this finished shot of the night sky in Queensland.

Photo #5

Robert’s talents also extend to the sea! He took this amazing shot of a loggerhead sea turtle while swimming near the Great Barrier Reef.

Photo #6

Robert snapped this snowy shot of a coyote during a visit to the States. He was in southern Oregon at the time, and it was a gorgeous winter day.

Photo #7

Check out that closeup shot! This little critter is a New Holland frog, which Robert said he spotted “hopping across the road” in the Australian Outback.

Photo #8

Just look at the colors! Robert took this stunning nighttime shot in the remote wilderness of Tasmania. Once again, he had to deal with a “difficult and cold night,” but said the resulting shot was “SO worth it!”

Photo #9

Robert wouldn’t be a true Australian photographer if he didn’t have some pictures of kangaroos to share. He posted this stunning snapshot after photographing a pair of kangaroos at sunset.

Photo #10

Robert said he loved this photo he took of a mama lion with one of her cubs, because it shows the “other side” to a creature we regard as a fierce predator. There’s no denying that it’s an adorable picture!

Photo #11

Speaking of big cats, Robert also shared this jaw-dropping photo of a female leopard he came across in South Africa. Looks like she made a good model!

Photo #12

Robert managed to snap this shot of a carpet python at just the right time. It was poised and ready to strike, though Robert jokingly said the slithery critter was “enthusiastic.”

Photo #13

This has to be one of Robert’s more comical photos, since it captures the funny personalities of some adorable lion cubs.I couldn’t help but laugh when photographing all of the antics and expressions…” Robert wrote about the cubs.

Photo #14

In the caption to this photo, Robert wrote that “an experience with an elephant always takes your breath away.” This photo he took of a female elephant in South Africa certainly left us breathless!

Photo #15

Robert took this incredible photograph of two bald eagles feeding on a tundra swan during another one of his visits to Oregon. He even caught their reflection in the water!

Photo #16

This image is one of Robert’s most iconic shots. As he explains in the post above, it was selected as “Highly Commended in Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards,” which is the most prestigious photography competition there is.

The shot depicts a huntsman spider as it captures a frog, a rare sight that few have witnessed. In fact, Robert explains that his photo marks “one of the only times this [action] has been recorded.”

You can listen to Robert Irwin tell the story behind this remarkable photograph by tuning in to the video below.

Want to keep up-to-date with Robert’s adventures and his new photographs? Then be sure to follow him on Instagram here.

If only Steve was here today…he’d be so proud of Robert and all he has accomplished.

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