Security Camera Films The Moment A Cow Is Struck By Lightning

YouTube / Rich Redman

One poor unsuspecting cow was just minding its own business and chewing its cud when seemingly out of nowhere – a lightning bolt shot straight down from the sky and struck it.

The Creekside 66 convenience store in Albion, Idaho had a security camera positioned to capture a set of pumps at the corner of their filling station. This camera just so happened to also catch the pasture across the road where a herd of cattle was grazing.

Everything appears normal at the beginning of the footage. The sky is a bit overcast, but nothing else indicated that a storm was brewing.

In a split second, a flash hits the screen when lightning shoots down. For a few frames of footage, the camera’s lens is distorted by the immense light from the bolt.

When everything comes back into focus and the dust settles, the cow – which was killed – falls over onto the ground.

See the full security video below.

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