Snake Plays Dead, Puts On “Theatrical Performance Of Its Life”

Wildlife Resources Division - Georgia DNR / Facebook

Wildlife Resources Division in Georgia shared a very creepy but totally fascinating video of an eastern hognose snake “putting on the theatrical performance of its life.”

In the video, it showed the snake flaring its neck skin and loudly hissing to let the person filming it know that it felt threatened. The cameraman just stays there and tries to act like he was going to touch it, which triggers the performance to start.

The snake dramatically writhes around on the ground for a solid 30 seconds with its mouth wide open and its tongue hanging out. It finally came to a freezing stop lying belly up with its tongue limply dangling out its open mouth and pretending to be dead.

Wildlife Resources Division – Georgia DNR / Facebook

According to the Wildlife Resources Division, they said that this specific species of snake is known to demonstrate this type of behavior as a survival tactic. 

“When this creepy critter feels threatened, it flares its neck and body by breathing in deeply and then expelling the air with an impressive hiss. If that doesn’t work, a hognose will forcefully roll onto its back and begin to writhe violently as if in terrible pain,” Wildlife Resources Division wrote on Facebook.

The wildlife experts added that during this “death performance,” the snake might even regurgitate its stomach contents, defecate, release a musk, evert its cloacal vent, and even bleed from its mouth. Talk about dedication to a performance.

The division said, “Afterwards, the snake will appear lifeless and limp, confident that all potential predators have decided on a different main course.”

Wildlife Resources Division – Georgia DNR / Facebook

Fortunately, the eastern hognose snake are rarely known to bite humans, even though they do have a mildly venomous bite. They are native to the southeast United States and prey on small amphibians, small fish and lizards.

Officials said that the person who filmed this video had a scientific collection permit to interact with the snake. The Wildlife Resources Division reminded people to never harass wildlife because if they do, it could result in a fine.

“What do y’all think—does the hognose deserve an Academy Award?” the division wrote on at the end of its statement.

If we’re judging, Country Rebel will probably give this snake an award for its performance.

Go ahead now and check the video out below and let us know how you think the snake did!

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