Video Goes Viral After Huge Snake Traps Man Inside Truck

photo credit: fox29news

This is probably one of the creepiest things we’ve ever seen go viral on Facebook.

Snake Slithers Onto Windshield

Apparently, this guy who lives in Conroe, Texas was driving down the road the other night when a huge snake slithers out from the engine onto his windshield. The man, totally petrified, pulls his camera out and starts filming it.

photo credit: fox29news

Judging by the video footage we can guesstimate this snake is maybe six feet long with an impressively thick body. Its head has some decent width to it as well and shaped in a way indicating it could be venomous. Definitely not a creature you want to mess with. You can hear the guy as he drives screaming in a panic on what to do about the freaky situation.

“Oh my God, it is on my ******* car! Sorry for cursing but this thing is on my… ah dude my foot is shaking so bad right now. This thing is huge! Oh my god, what do I do? I can’t get out of my truck! Dude this thing is crawling on my… do not go near my door dude!

It almost sounds like the guy is about to cry as he helplessly keeps driving stuck in his truck. His panic level reaches a new peak when the snake slithers towards the driver’s side door, shouting “This thing is covering me.”

Texas Snake Statistics

According to Snake-Removal, there are 76 different species of snakes that live in Texas with 115 different subspecies. Only 15% of those snakes are venomous including the coral snake, copperhead, cottonmouth and rattlesnake.

Star-Telegram also adds that there have been 42 snakebite victims in Texas so far this year in 2019. They recommend if you see a snake the best thing to do is stay out of their way and they will leave you alone. Understandably though, this guy is in a unique situation.

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