Stump Flies Through Rear Windshield After Truck Pulls It Up

Stump Flies Through Rear Windshield After Truck Pulls It Up | Country Music Videos

Tyler Meagher / YouTube

Pulling up a tree stump from the ground is not always an easy task and sometimes human strength is not enough either. Tyler Meagher and his buddy Paul decided to use their SUV to pull one out of the ground one day.

Can you guess who won the tug-of-war match?

A YouTube video shared by Tyler on June 7th, 2015 showed what can happen when you attach one end of a tow strap to a tree stump and the other end to a vehicle. In theory, the idea makes sense: tie the stump to the vehicle and it should have enough strength to pull the tree out of the ground, right?

Tyler Meagher / YouTube

Here’s What Happened

Tyler and Paul thought it would be an easy task but when they first tried to pull it out from the ground it didn’t budge. Tyler then told Paul to back it up a little and then hit the gas again to give it some pull. Paul did as requested and they successfully pulled the tree stump out of the ground, however, it came at a hefty cost.

As they pulled the trunk out and it broke free from its roots, the force caused the stump to go flying towards the vehicle. The trunk then bounced off the rear window and shattered it into a million pieces. Check out the nine-second video below to see for yourself.

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