Texas Man Owns World’s Largest Mobile Meat Smoker

Terry Folsom/Facebook

The saying that “everything is bigger in Texas,” is no joke. Many a proud Texas will boast the state’s big hair hats, boots, ranches, sky, wide-open spaces, money, and buildings. And, since 2000, Texas can also brag about being home to the world’s largest mobile meat smoker.

Owned by trucking veteran and Texas native Terry Folsom, the mammoth 18-wheeler named “Undisputable Cuz” measures 76-feet long and weighs 40 tons. It contains 24 smoking compartments, a Texas-shaped firebox at the rear, and can cook 8,000 to 12,000 pounds of meat at a time.

Barcroft Cars/YouTube

The rig is so large that it requires a special permit and escort to drive down the road. “It is costly to move it,” Folsom’s wife, Kimberly King, says. “We have to have special escorts because it is overweight and over length. To move it out of our driveway alone we have to have people block traffic.”

In addition to its impressive smoking capabilities, the “Undisputable Cuz” also features a refrigerated cooler, complete with space for beer kegs with taps on the outside.

USA Today/YouTube

So what exactly is a barbecue rig this big good for? The Folsom’s have used this unique truck to feed their local first responders, police officers, and more. They have also used it to help feed volunteers and victims of hard-hit disaster areas in their state, such as those affected by Hurricane Harvey in 2017 where they fed 55,000 people in 11 days.

The Folsom’s and “Undisputable Cuz” were featured on an episode of Ridiculous Rides where they gave viewers a close-up look at this one-of-a-kind truck. Check it out in the video below.

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