The House Cat Who Fights Off Alligators

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A recent video coming out of Louisiana shows what appears to be a very brave house cat going face to face with an alligator about three times its size, and not backing down.

In the thrilling footage, you can see the gator slowly creeping out of a body of murky water and making its way onto the shores where the cat is seen laying on the ground, not moving.

The gator kept coming closer and closer until it got basically right beside the cat, just a few inches away. However, that still wasn’t enough to scare the cat.

The gator then quickly thrashed towards the cat with its mouth open in an attempt to intimidate it but all that made the cat do was hiss, show its teeth, and then it began to smack at the gator with its paws until the reptile retreated back towards the safety of the water.

Louisiana Alligator Vs House Cat Video Below

We know what you might be thinking…this isn’t any ordinary cat, and you’d be correct.

This is Mugsy, and he’s been famous for smacking gators around on Cajun Pride Swamp Tours in Louisiana since 2011 and he’s still doing it ’til this day.

“He’s an alligator fighter,” Mugsy’s owner said in an interview with Animal Planet.

“You’d have to see it to believe it,” Swamp Tour boat captain Allen Creppel added.

Mugsy got so much attention that an Animal Planet film crew drove out to Cajun Pride Swamp Tours and filmed a short documentary of Mugsy live. The documentary gives detailed information about Mugsy’s backstory.

The documentary also shows Mugsy getting in multiple battles with alligators with him always coming out on top. Watch Mugsy’s documentary below! 

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