This Turtle’s GoPro Footage Shows What Life In The Pond Is Really Like

This Turtle’s GoPro Footage Shows What Life In The Pond Is Really Like | Country Music Videos

YouTube / The Fish Whisperer


If you’ve ever wanted to know what it was like to live as a turtle does, one guy who calls himself “The Fish Whisperer” may have just answered that question.

Mr. Fish Whisperer (a.k.a. Kyle Naegeli) has grown quite a following on YouTube as a star of documenting things that revolve around marine life. But, this was his first time trying out a setup from a turtle’s point of view.

From the very beginning of this video, it shows the life of a turtle in a pond and really gives an in-depth look at how the ecosystem of the pond works in the eyes of a red-eared slider turtle.

It’s an entire four-minute video of a meandering journey through the murky depths of the pond all the way up until the turtle comes up to eat some fish straight from Naegeli’s hand.

The turtle swam off with the fish in his mouth, but as the footage shows, he actually had it snatched away from him by another turtle!

Check out this crazy and cool video below!

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