Venomous Snake Escapes From Bronx Zoo Exhibit & No One Can Find It

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A venomous snake is currently on the loose at a popular zoo, and no one has any idea where it is.

According to ABC 7 NYC, the Bronx Zoo in New York was warning visitors on Wednesday (August 7) that one of its venomous snakes went missing the day before. The publication states that zookeepers cleaning up in the JungleWorld area of the zoo on August 6 realized that the Mangrove snake was missing from its exhibit.

Mangrove snakes can reach up to eight feet in length, and are known for their distinct, bright yellow stripes. The snake that escaped from the Bronx Zoo is said to be smaller. ABC 7 NYC reports it is three and a half feet in length.

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Now missing for a week, zookeepers are trying to figure out how the snake got out of its enclosure. One theory is that it escaped through some mesh that was covering a vent.

Even though the snake got out of its enclosure, zoo employees believe it has not left the JungleWorld area. As a warning to guests, the zoo has posted signs about the escaped snake and telling them to notify someone if they spot it.

You may be wondering why the zoo is still allowing visitors into the JungleWorld area while a venomous snake is on the loose. That can easily be explained.

Even though Mangrove snakes are venomous, they are only “mildly venomous,” according to the zoo. Therefore, they pose no serious threat to humans.

So even though there’s a loose snake in the JungleWorld area, visitors have no need to worry about their safety.

Hopefully the zoo is able to find the snake soon so it can be returned to its enclosure. And we’re sure they’re checking all the mesh on the vents in the snake exhibits now!

Snakes are sneaky creatures, and many manage to escape from their enclosures. If you have a pet snake of your own, it’s important you know what to do in the event that it escapes. Tune in to the video below to educate yourself on how to react in such a situation.

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