VIDEO: Shark Leaps Onto Fishing Boat & Thrashes Around

@churchyschartersnz / Instagram

A group of fishermen got hit with a big surprise while they were rolling over the open ocean near Whitianga, New Zealand on Saturday, November 5th.

An eight-foot mako shark with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth was caught on video leaping out of the water and smashing into the boat’s window before thrashing around on the deck and getting itself stuck.

@churchyschartersnz / Instagram

The owner of the boat, Ryan Churches, who runs Churchys Charters boating service said he was with his skipper and five customers when the incident happened off the coast of New Zealand’s north island.

The men were fishing for kingfish when the mako shark took their bait and jumped out of the water onto the boat.

“We were all watching the rod and the line was going out to the side of the boat and it changed direction suddenly… [the shark] just happened to jump at the same time and we got a hell of a fright,” Ryan told New Zealand Herald. “I [had] told the customers ‘if it jumps in the boat get out of the way.’ It just so happened that about 30 seconds later it jumped on the top of the boat. It was crazy.”

@churchyschartersnz / Instagram

Fortunately, it did not break the single pane of glass separating the men from the shark and the animal just bounced off landing on the boat’s bow.

“The cameras were out, but they probably didn’t realise the danger we could have been in.” he said.

A video taken of the wild beast showed it twisting and turning trying to free itself and even though the video was cut short, the fishermen said after about two minutes, the shark was able to wiggle itself free and splashed back into the ocean.

Ryan, who has been fishing on the ocean for more than 20 years, told New Zealand Herald that it was the first time he had ever seen a shark jump into his boat.

Watch The Mako Shark In The Video Below

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