VIDEO: Two Men Jump Out Of Burning Boat Just Seconds Before It Explodes

ABC 7 Chicago / YouTube

What started as a serene boating trip quickly turned into a terrifying fight for survival on West Grand Traverse Bay in Lake Michigan.

Two boaters found themselves in a harrowing predicament when an unexpected engine fire erupted, rapidly consuming the back half of their 21-foot Baja boat. Panic set in as the flames grew more intense, leaving the pair clueless about how to control the situation.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost, two boating heroes emerged in the form of Nathan Greenwood and his wife. As they approached the smoke-covered Baja, the Greenwoods shouted desperately at the stranded duo, urging them to jump ship before it was too late.

UpNorthLive reported that, with nerves of steel and quick thinking, Nathan’s voice resonated with authority, pleading, “It’s too late, get off the boat! Get off the boat! It’s gonna blow. You guys are going to want to jump out right now.”

Boat on fire on the water.
ABC 7 Chicago / YouTube

The Explosion Happened

The two boaters hesitated for a brief moment before heeding the Greenwoods’ life-saving advice. And thank goodness they did! Just seconds after the pair leaped into the waters, a deafening explosion rocked the boat, sending flames and thick smoke billowing into the air where they had stood moments before.

Reflecting on the nerve-wracking rescue, Nathan Greenwood told ABC 11:

“I knew very quickly that if they did not get off the boat, they were either going to pass out from the inhalation of the smoke, the heat, or it would end up eventually exploding. It’s really fortunate because within three seconds of them jumping off the boat, it exploded.”

Indeed, the Greenwoods’ impeccable timing made all the difference, potentially saving the two boaters’ lives. As the flames continued to consume the Baja, it eventually sank to the bottom of the 70-foot deep bay.

Divers checking out boat flipped over in the water.

The cause of the fire remains a mystery, but one thing is certain—the Greenwood’s bravery and presence of mind saved lives.

Nathan emphasized, “There’s no way that we’re going to be able to put this fire out. We need to get them on board before it blows up. It’s literally just making a decision to save your life or to stay on board to die.”

While the two boaters lost their 21-foot Baja, the most precious outcome is that they escaped with their lives, all thanks to the Greenwoods’ heroism.

As the captivating video continues to circulate online, it serves as a potent reminder that Lake Life can quickly turn into a life-and-death situation, emphasizing the importance of safety measures and the unpredictability of the waters. For those who cherish the thrill of boating, let this adrenaline-pumping rescue be a testament to the significance of preparedness and the life-saving impact of ordinary individuals turned extraordinary heroes.

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