Highly Contagious Virus Kills Horse, Causes Quarantine Of Entire Stable

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Like a scary zombie movie, a deadly virus hit the headlines of WHOTV.com showing a sick horse being quarantined. According to the Iowa Department of Agriculture, a highly contagious virus called Equine Herpes Virus has infiltrated a horse stall in the Pine Hollow Stables of Altoona, Iowa.

An Unexpected Illness

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The owner of the horse, Heather Otis, said her horse, Rowdy, went from having perfect health to being nearly dead in a matter of hours. Worried, she called the local veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Kaisand, to come take a look at the horse and run some test. Unfortunately they found out Rowdy had the deadly virus and had to be euthanized. Kaisand quickly quarantined the stable and started testing all the other horses in the barn.

“The facility is also monitoring all the horses twice a day for any other clinical signs. We would take the next steps if a horse shows clinical signs. We would test that horse and determine if that horse might be affected also.” -Dr Jeff Kaisand

But There Is Some Good News

WhoTV.com Video

The good news is, Kaisand said after checking the other horses in the stable no other horse appears to be infected by the virus. However they are still keeping the quarantine going until they can be sure that the virus is not spreading to all the other horses. They’re still not sure where or how the virus even got into the horse barn.

“It could’ve come in from a different horse or it could’ve been in the horse for a long time, but in order to make sure, we are being cautious and it doesn’t spread to other horses. That’s why we quarantine the facility, monitor horses in case they’ve been exposed and may show clinical signs and leave and go expose other horses.” -Dr Jeff Kaisand

WhoTV.com Video

The virus does not harm humans or other animals, but this whole situation comes right at the time the town is having its yearly State Horse Fair. This puts all horse owners on edge bringing them to the fair. David Beary, the President of the Iowa Horse Council said all horses coming to the fair must have their health papers with them if they want to participate. Take a look at the video below to hear more about this heartbreaking situation.

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