UPS Man Forgets To Give Dog Treat – Dog Jumps In Back Of His Truck

UPS Man Forgets To Give Dog Treat – Dog Jumps In Back Of His Truck | Country Music Videos

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UPS workers are known for their love of dogs, often carrying treats for any pooches they encounter along their daily delivery route. While most dogs wait patiently for the delivery person to bring them a treat, this golden had a different idea.

Hi my name is Scout, are you hiring? I'm cute, really high energy and already wearing a brown uniform. I'm going to grow…

Posted by UPS Dogs on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The neighborhood’s UPS delivery person forgot to give this pup their daily treat, and the dog decided to hop in the truck to get what was rightfully theirs. Sprinting out of the yard and into the back of the delivery truck, the UPS driver didn’t even know the dog had hitched a ride until they got to their next stop and had to get some packages out of the back of the truck.

Hank and sweetie!! Ovid, NY

Posted by UPS Dogs on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The dog rode around in the back of the UPS truck for the duration of the delivery route, and the driver eventually had to deliver the proud dog back to their home.

The story was shared on Reddit and sparked hundreds of people sharing their stories of pets who ran away to get a treat from their favorite UPS man. While people shared stories of their golden retrievers jumping into delivery trucks, one reader had a different version of the story. Her pet goat ran after a delivery truck and jumped right in to get a treat.

A couple goat friends from Hayden Idaho 😊

Posted by UPS Dogs on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Dogs and pets loving their local UPS man is so common there’s even a dedicated Facebook and Instagram page to the adorable interactions called UPS Dogs.

Watch the adorable video below about the love between UPS drivers and their neighborhood pets.

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