Wild Moose Charges Woman & Her Dog In Video

Wild Moose Charges Woman & Her Dog In Video | Country Music Videos


Many people have taken up hiking or other outdoor activities with the recent COVID-19 shutting down their normal, everyday lives. With an added number of people out on the trails, it’s no surprise wildlife encounters are starting to increase.

While coming across a wild moose in Alaska is a fairly common occurrence, most of the time, people keep their distance and don’t have any issues. However, a woman was hiking with her dog on Campbell Creek trail in Anchorage, Alaska when both of them were charged by a moose. A photographer happened to be there to film what could’ve turned into something much worse.

From the video, it appears that the moose was simply alarmed by how close the woman and her dog were getting. It charges at them twice, then proceeds to graze peacefully.

In general, moose will only be aggressive and charge a person if they’re too close, or to protect their calves, or if they feel directly threatened. The best thing to do if you happen to run into one, is to keep your distance.

The weight and size of moose generally range from 800-1500 pounds and can stand anywhere from 7 to 10 feet tall. Back in 2018, a giant moose was filmed walking along the center of the road which also happened to take place in Anchorage.

It’s always a good idea to be respectful of any wildlife you may encounter while outside and to also have a knowledge of what animals live in your area.

Check out the video below for information on how to download a nature field guide straight to your phone so you can have a quick reference whenever needed.

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