Woman 9 Months Pregnant Fights Off Coyotes To Save Her Dogs

Crisoforo Gaspar Hernandez / UnSplash

According to Global News, Fire Chief Murray Crouse from the Upper Kingsclear Fire Department in New Brunswick, Canada said that he got a call from a pregnant woman saying she had just gotten into a fight with a pack of wild coyotes.

The attack reportedly happened on Tuesday (10/20/20) around nine or ten in the morning. The woman was walking her two small dogs in Woolastook Park when three or four coyotes surrounded her and her pets.

By the time Officer Crouse arrived on the scene, the coyotes had already run away. The woman told the officer she was nine months pregnant and had hit one of the coyotes to protect her dogs.

Ross Sokolovski / UnSplash

Fortunately, the woman didn’t have any physical injuries from the violent encounter but officials suggested taking her in for observation due to the shock she was in. She went for a check-up at the hospital and was later released.

It’s been a crazy month for wildlife encounters. On October 11th a hiker was stalked and chased by a mountain lion as he was walking down a trail in Utah. It was just a week later that another man was stalked by a mountain lion as well in Canada. Both people got it on film and you can watch the first one here and the second one here.

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