World Record For Longest Ears Ever Goes To This Bloodhound

World Record For Longest Ears Ever Goes To This Bloodhound | Country Music Videos

photo credit: Guinness World Records

Tigger is a purebred bloodhound owned by Brian and Christina Flessner from St Joseph, Illinois and has the world record for the longest ears on a dog.

Did you know a bloodhound named Tigger holds the record for the longest ears measuring 13 inches?!?

Posted by Betsy Farms on Friday, June 23, 2017

Won Over 180 Best of Breed Awards

This beautiful dog’s left ear spans out to a lengthy 13.5 inches and his right ear stretches an impressive 13.75 inches. With those ears, he’s won over 180 Best of Breed awards and was inducted into the Bloodhound “Hall of Fame” in 2003.

That same year Guinness World Records heard about Tigger and flew out to measure him and his ears officially landed him as the world record holder for longest ears on a dog.

Brian his owner says, “At the dog shows we get a lot of people that want to take their pictures with Tigger and they want to see him. Everybody wants to pet him even though he doesn’t go that much anymore but that’s where the noterity comes from.”

The longest dog ears. The longest dog ears and see the size 34,9 34,2 cm-right and left, respectively, measured on…

Posted by Keraki on Sunday, August 21, 2016

The History Behind Bloodhounds

Bloodhounds are known for having long floppy ears and according to Wikipedia the reason they have them is for picking up on the scent of blood when hunting. Hence the name Bloodhound.

They were originally bred for hunting wild animals like deer, ducks and wild boar. They were so good at tracking scents that in the Middle Ages they were used to track people who were missing or prisoners who escaped.

Tigger, however, hasn’t used those ears for hunting animals or tracking people, he’s used them for winning competitions and setting world records.

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