3-Legged Bear Breaks Into Home And Drinks White Claws

Photo of the bear drinking the White Claws.

FOX 32 Chicago / YouTube

A 3-legged bear named Tripod broke into a Florida family’s home to chug down a few White Claws.

If you thought your weekend was wild, imagine discovering a 3-legged bear breaking into your home and chugging down a few White Claws. This extraordinary incident unfolded in Lake Mary, Florida, and it was all caught on camera!

Tripod, the three-legged bear has become something of a local celebrity in Lake Mary. Over the weekend, Tripod made a surprise appearance at the home of Josaury Faneite-Diglio and her 13-year-old son, Joseph Diglio. It all started when Josaury received a notification from her security camera around 5 p.m. that something weird was going on.

Joseph thought he was home alone with their dog, Bruno, but that was not the case. Fortunately, Bruno started barking and alerted Joseph that the bear had broken through their screened-in enclosed patio. Joseph, surprised yet amazed, caught the intruder on video.

“Oh my God. I’ve never been this close to a bear,” he said in the video. “Look how big he is.” 

Photo of the bear walking around outside the home.
FOX 32 Chicago / YouTube

The bear didn’t care it was being recorded.

Tripod didn’t mind barking Bruno or being video recorded, for him, the adventure had only just begun. With a nonchalant attitude, Tripod wandered around until he made it over to the family’s mini fridge, smelling around with his nose and clearly looking for something to put his lips on.

Joseph told interviewers, “Once I saw him open the fridge, I got scared that he could open the doors to the house.” 

Tripod opened the mini fridge and proceeded to chomp on and chug down can after can of White Claw, selecting the mango and strawberry flavors first to open.

Photo of the White Claws the bear drank.
FOX 32 Chicago / YouTube

“Bears will test foods and bite cans to drink what’s inside,” a spokesperson with the Bear Management Program at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said in an email to WSPA. “We do not believe that bears choose cans that are filled with alcohol, it is likely just a random search to test what is inside.”

Despite the initial shock, the family was not that shaken up about the break-in. Josaury reassured the news station that Tripod is a well-liked member of the neighborhood. “We know the bear really well. He lives here; we respect their habitat as much as we can,” she told the news station.

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Authorities do not plan to capture the bear but give a public warning.

FWC told WESH that they do not have any plans to catch Tripod, however, they stressed the importance of reporting any bear that breaks into a home, as it could be a potential threat to public safety.

As fall approaches, FWC also noted that bears become more active in their quest for food to stockpile fat reserves. To prevent such encounters, they encourage residents to secure anything that might attract bears, including garbage, pet food, and birdseed. They also suggest precautions like banging on your door and turning your house lights on and off before letting your pets outside to ensure the wildlife has time to retreat.

This extraordinary encounter with Tripod the three-legged bear is a reminder that nature sometimes pays us a visit when we least expect it. So, keep an eye on those security cameras, you never know who might drop by for a casual afternoon White Claw!

The video below shows footage of the break-in and of the bear roaming around the neighborhood.

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