Rory Feek Breaks Silence Upon Returning To Farm Following Joey’s Death

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Immediately following Joey Feek‘s death on Friday (March 4), her family packed up the Indiana home they had been living in for four-and-a-half months and returned to their Tennessee farm to lay Joey to rest. Today, Joey’s husband Rory shared photos upon his return to the farm that he and Joey shared. 

In one photo, Rory is seen carrying his two-year old daughter, Indiana, on his shoulders. The couple’s farm can be seen in the background as Rory pets a horse. The caption simply reads “Home.”


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In a second photo, Rory shares a beautiful shot of his farm. The caption reads “spring.” 


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While the caption is short and simple, the word holds great meaning. In a blog post written just one month before Joey’s death, Rory shared that spring is Joey’s favorite season. 

“It always has been.  It’s when she feels most alive.  And this year, in spite of all she’s going through… is no exception. Back home in Tennessee, she plants a big garden every spring behind our farmhouse,” Rory wrote. “As fun as it is to see the seeds coming to life, this isn’t just fun for Joey.

“She does it because it’s important to her. Planting a garden and raising food that she can feed her family is part of who Joey is. That doesn’t stop just because you have cancer or are stuck in a bed for months-on-end. Life goes on.  And what was important, is still important to her.”

In preparation for spring, Joey started planting seeds from her hospice bed with the intention of her family carrying the plants back to Tennessee to be planted in the family garden not far from her final resting place. 

So, Rory and the rest of Joey’s family returned to Tennessee yesterday with all of the seeds Joey has sewn, both literal seeds and figurative. Rory worded it best when he wrote one month ago, “So thin and gaunt, and more frail than ever, my wife is sowing her seeds – putting down roots in the soil of our lives and hearts. Getting us ready for something that we can’t see right now for the tears in our eyes… something she might not even get to see at all. Spring.”

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