6 Facts About Scotty McCreery’s Life & Career

6 Facts About Scotty McCreery’s Life & Career | Country Music Videos

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Scotty McCreery sang his way straight into our hearts when he appeared on the tenth season of American Idol. His country boy charm and deep voice won so many people over that they sent their votes flying in for him. Those votes were enough to push McCreery into the finale, where he was eventually crowned as the season’s winner. 

Since winning Idol, McCreery has made his mark on country music with Top 20 songs “I Love You This Big” and “The Trouble With Girls,” along with the Top 10 single “See You Tonight.” He routinely appears at the Grand Ole Opry, where he famously debuted his emotional song “Five More Minutes.”

Even though McCreery has been in the spotlight for several years now, there’s still some things about him that many people don’t know.

We’re about to fill you in on six lesser-known facts about McCreery that are sure to intrigue you!

1. Our American Idol Was Almost…Evan McCreery?

McCreery’s real name isn’t actually “Scotty,” but it is close. He was born with the name Scott Cooke McCreery, and even called himself “Scott” early on during his time on Idol.

But if his parents had gone with their first choice for his name, he would have been “Evan McCreery.” His parents had been set on the name Evan until they were driving to the hospital when it was time for him to arrive. They changed their minds on the way there, and that’s how he ended up being named Scott instead.

2. He Is One Quarter Puerto Rican

McCreery’s father was actually born in Puerto Rico to an American father and a Puerto Rican mother. His grandparents eventually moved to North Carolina, where his family now lives.

Despite his Puerto Rican background, McCreery revealed that he never learned how to speak Spanish fluently. He says his grandmother offered to teach him when he was young, but he never got around to learning it and now regrets that he didn’t.

3. He Once Won A Form Of ‘Idol’ Before The Real Deal

Although it was nothing like American Idol, McCreery did win another singing competition with the word “Idol” in the title before he appeared on the real deal. Called “Clayton Idol,” the contest was held by WQDR-FM at the Clayton Harvest Festival in Clayton, North Carolina.

McCreery ended up winning and kept up a busy schedule for a while after he did. He travelled around his local area and performed shows at the radio stations, and it was all to help raise money for sick children. Now that’s a true winner!

4. He Has An Interesting Taste In Snacks

Since everyone always wants to learn more about their favorite country stars, Sounds Like Nashville asked McCreery a series of 10 questions to get to know him a little better. One of the questions they asked him was what his go-to snack food is, and his answer may surprise you.

Being a country boy born and raised, we figured McCreery would have said something like biscuits or homemade pie, but his answer was completely unexpected. So what’s his favorite snack? Reduced fat Cheez-Its. That was quite specific!

5. He Once Wrote Material For MLB

McCreery is a country singer first and foremost, but he is also a huge sports fan. He played baseball all through high school, and grew up loving Boston sports, particularly the Boston Red Sox.

In 2013, two years after winning American Idol, McCreery got the chance to showcase his passion for baseball in a big way. He wrote a series of blogs for MLB for the duration of the baseball season, which he called McCreery on the Majors. That’s a pretty big deal!

6. His Guilty Pleasure Is Something You’d Never Expect

Also during his question and answer session with Sounds Like Nashville, McCreery revealed what his number one guilty pleasure is. It took him a while to think of something, but once he did he said that he honestly wasn’t all that guilty about it.

Believe it or not, McCreery’s a country boy who loves to listen to some Katy Perry every now and then. We never would have guessed that!

We may not have had any clue that McCreery loves to jam out to “Teenage Dream” and “Dark Horse” but which one of these facts surprised you the most? Let us know!

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