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'It's A No From Me': Simon Cowell's 11 Most Cringe-Worthy Insults

Simon cowell Songs | 'It's A No From Me': Simon Cowell's 11 Most Cringe-Worthy Insults | Country Music Videos
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Simon Cowell was a successful music producer and talent scout before he became well-known as a judge on American Idol, X-Factor, and Britain's Got Talent. 

He has seen everything when it comes to auditions for these famous shows. Sometimes he sees amazing auditions of singers like Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood. But more often than not, Cowell has seen horrible singers, who think they are really, really good.

His most common 'catchphrases' are, "It's a no from me" and "absolutely dreadful", but he has been known to get a little creative with his let downs. 

He has to be the one to tell them what's what or else they will keep on trying for this dream that isn't realistic. In a way, he's doing them a favor. Cowell has come up with extremely creative ways to tell these people they aren't anywhere near what they are looking for.  Yes, they are mean, but also entertaining. 

He said to one American Idol hopeful,

"You actually sing like a train going off the rails. You sort of start off in tune, and then it just goes completely off."

Another hopeful said that, "You don't necessarily have to have a good voice to be a pop singer." His response? "Don't believe a word of it.

He's compared one singer's audition to The Titanic, and told another one to sue her vocal coach!

Watch below for his Top 11 cringe-worthy insults. 

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