7 Delicious Campfire Recipes That Are Unbelievably Easy To Make

7 Delicious Campfire Recipes That Are Unbelievably Easy To Make | Country Music Videos

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Camping can be fun, but cooking over a campfire is usually a hassle…until now. 

Most people are under the impression that they can’t cook many things over a campfire, thinking that s’mores and hot dogs are the only things that can be cooked in the great outdoors.

But the truth is, you really can cook some delicious things over a campfire, and it is easier than you think!

Here’s our list of the 7 best, and easiest campfire recipes!


1. Muffins in an orange

Photo Credit: Apron Strings Blog

All you have to do to make this simple campfire recipe is cut a large orange in half, empty out the orange inside, and then fill it with muffin mix. Wrap some foil around the oranges and then throw them into fire, and you’ll have a delicious breakfast in no time!

2. Breakfast Burrito

This breakfast classic does require a little bit of prep work at home before you take off for the campgrounds, but that makes it even easier to cook over a campfire. All you have to do is cook your sausage and eggs, mix it with cheese, and then wrap it up in a tortilla. Then, wrap the entire burrito in foil. When you’re ready to cook the burrito, just put it in the hot coals of the fire, and it will be ready in just a few minutes!

You can find more detailed instructions for this recipe here.


Photo Credit: Betty Crocker


3. Stuffed Onions

Did you know it’s possible to stuff an onion? Well it is, and you can cook delicious stuffed onions over a campfire. Just use a melon baller to scoop out the inside of the onion, then load it up with meat, rice, stuffing, or whatever else you’d like. Wrap the onions up in foil and throw them into the fire to cook. You’ll want to make more than just a few of these, because the onion gives everything else a really yummy flavor!

If you’d like to follow a recipe for making stuffed onions, look here.


Photo Credit: Whatever’s Left

4. Twisty breadsticks

This recipe is the easiest of them all. The only things you have to do to make tasty breadsticks over the campfire is get some breadstick dough, wrap it around a stick or campfire cooking prong, and hold it over the fire. For an added twist, you could also wrap the dough around a hotdog for a campfire pig in a blanket. Once you try these breadsticks, you’ll be amazed that something so good is so easy to make!

Photo Credit: Camping With Gus

Main Course

5. Fresh-caught fish

This recipe is perfect for those who combine a fishing and camping trip into one. Catch some fish earlier in the day, and then prepare it when you’re ready to eat. This recipe is probably the most detailed one on the list, but it’s still really easy. Use all of the seasonings and spices you want, and either put the fish on a stick or wrap it up in foil to cook it over the fire.

To learn a little more about how to cook fish over a campfire, watch this video.

Photo Credit: Zombie Survival Crew

 6. “Hobo” Dinners

Yet another foil recipe, but this one is so easy you could do it with your eyes closed. Just put some meat, potatoes, other vegetables, and butter on some foil, wrap it up, and throw it in the fire. Not only is this recipe customizable and simple to make, but it’s really filling too!

Photo Credit: Catering By Design


7. Banana Boats

If you still want to enjoy the traditional campfire s’more, but want something a little less messy, try out this simple recipe. All you have to do is cut open a banana lengthwise, stuff it with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and whatever else you’d like. Then, you guessed it, wrap the banana up in foil and put it over the campfire with seam facing up. The result is absolutely mouth-watering!

Find a more detailed banana boat recipe here

Photo Credit: Chow Hound

So the next time you go camping, give these recipes a try. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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