9-Year-Old Cowboy Stuns Thousands With ‘Tear In My Beer,’ Including Hank Himself

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Young Fella Loves Old Country

At only nine years old, one little cowboy named Timmy Lynch had already made some memories to last him a lifetime. Those memories all became possible thanks to his passion for country music…and a bit of help from a music icon.

If any country singer could be classified as “timeless,” then Hank Williams Jr. is definitely one.

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People have been listening to Hank’s music for decades, resulting in his songs being passed down through the generations. There are now Hank Jr. fans out there of all ages, from 99 to nine, just like little Timmy.

The Biggest Little Hank Fan You’ll Find

Timmy has a strong love for classic and traditional country music, and is a big fan of Hank’s. This is something he made quite clear when he stepped up to sing one of Hank’s most recognizable songs during karaoke night at a place called The Burger Bar.

At Timmy’s request, his mom Andrea filmed his entire performance, which was a cover of “There’s a Tear in My Beer.”

The song was originally recorded by Hank’s father, Hank Williams, but he never released his version. Hank brought the song back into the light in 1989, and his rendition reached the seventh spot on the country chart.

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Timmy added further to the song’s extensive history when the video of his cover gained significant traction online. The clip has managed to generate thousands of views, making it one of the most well-known covers of one of Hank’s songs.

Hank Was Quite Impressed

The video eventually caught Hank’s attention, and he invited the youngster to come meet him. He was inspired to to so because years earlier, he had welcomed a young Hunter Hayes to perform with him on stage, and the experience was a memorable one.

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Thinking of that moment with Hunter, Hank hoped that he could potentially help Timmy in the same way. As he told The State Journal-Register:

“[Hunter] came on that bus with his accordion strapped on his back and wanted to play me ‘Jambalaya.’ He did and I invited him on stage that night in front of a live TV audience and people still come up to me today and remember that. Maybe [Timmy] will have that same spark.”

9-year-old Timmy got to hang out with Hank Jr. on Friday after Hank saw a video of him performing "There's a Tear in my Beer"! Read the story here: http://bit.ly/1V4NxGT

Posted by Hank Williams Jr. on Monday, 24 August 2015

We think that Timmy definitely has the spark inside of him to become a big star some day! With his passion for country music and his impressive voice, he’s got everything he needs to do so.

Now it’s time for you to see the cover performance that captivated thousands, including Hank himself. Check it out in the video below!

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