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After Guitar String Breaks During Performance, Hank Jr. Proves How Much Of A Bad Ass He Is

Hank williams jr. Songs | After Guitar String Breaks During Performance, Hank Jr. Proves How Much Of A Bad Ass He Is | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: YouTube/gacowboy30

The show must go on!

Entertainers are trained from the beginning of their careers to pretend like nothing happened during a performance, even if the worst has. Hank Williams Jr. proved that he has many years of this exact training under his belt when his guitar string broke in the middle of singing his hit song "Country Boy Can Survive".

The performance was going off without a hitch - Bocephus fans were cheering as a loud as ever, at some points even becoming louder than the singer himself! As most Hank Jr. fans know, he never performs a song the same twice, so it'll be fun to see if you can spot the change in lyrics he makes throughout the performance!

He gets through almost the entirety of the song, but due to his intense picking and strumming, one of his guitar strings breaks! He plays it off like a pro - not even acknowledging that something is even remotely wrong. Hank Jr. continues strumming, even though the chords are a little off because of the missing string, but he closes the song out stronger than ever with an fierce vocal riff, followed by endless applause and cheer from his rowdy fans. 

Watch the completely badass moment below.

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