Captured On Camera: Country Group Home Free Encounters Wild Bear

Captured On Camera: Country Group Home Free Encounters Wild Bear | Country Music Videos

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Country a capella group Home Free has had the chance to travel to a lot of beautiful places for shows and to film their music videos. For example, they traveled to Mount Rushmore to film the music video for their cover of Lee Greenwood‘s “God Bless the USA,” which has over 2 million views. 

Recently, Home Free’s travels brought them to Alaska, where they had the chance to do a little sightseeing. They shared a photo on the group Facebook page on Monday (August 21), which showed a bear in the background of the photo. The band labeled it as a #BearPhotobomb, but little did they know that they would soon be much closer to a bear than that.

Adam Chance, who is the group’s newest member, shared a video from their adventures and what they encountered on the way. As they were walking through the woods, Home Free walked right into the path of a wild bear.

This bear was much closer than the one who photobombed their group picture, but it didn’t seem to pay Home Free no mind. They remained still and quiet, while Adam had the thought to pull out his camera and film the encounter.

We’re sure they were a little bit frightened, but likely in awe as well of the beautiful creature before them. The bear walked just a few feet in front of them before it headed down the path and continued to mind its own business.

What a neat experience for Home Free! Check out the clip of their bear encounter below. We have to applaud them for staying so calm, because we don’t know how we would have reacted!

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