Late Night Munchies Land Icon Clint Black Before The Authorities

Late Night Munchies Land Icon Clint Black Before The Authorities | Country Music Videos

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Country music star Clint Black found an officer outside his tour bus when him and his camp had a craving that needed to be fulfilled. 

Pulling into a Jack in the Box in Thorton, Colorado, Black and his buddies were in search of a meal when officer Mickey Schaetzle came across their flashing hazard lights. Curious as to why the bus had stopped at a closed establishment, the officer approached the vehicle and its passengers. 

Black exited his ride and greeted Schaetzle, seeming to bare a resemblance that the officer was grasping to identify. “He was real calm and cool. He expressed his support for police. I didn’t recognize him at first. I really couldn’t put a name to the face,” the cop said to The Denver Post. Black began to ask the man if he enjoyed country music, admitting that he was associated with the genre. “I said I don’t really like the teeny-bopper style of today’s country that sounds like pop music. I like the 1990s era singers like Travis Tritt.”

It was a joke from a band member that jumpstarted the officer’s memory, as he subtly dropped the singer’s name and had Schaetzle immediately starstruck. Black was incredibly inviting, snapping a photo with the officer and signing a copy of his album as a gift.


Of course, no laws were broken other than the common rule of never settling for convenient fast food. We’re hoping these men were able to snag a quick meal before heading back on the road!  

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