Local Farmer’s Hysterical Interview On Bee Attack Is As Country As It Gets

WKYT YouTube Channel

Perhaps the story of a drunk couple from small town Kentucky wrecking their Geo Tracker in the early hours of the morning isn’t a laughing matter. However, it is the testimony of nearby witness Gary Lee Anderson that gives this encounter a side-splitting platform. 

Setting the country scene with a beat up truck in the background, Gary begins to explain his first hand encounter by jumping right into his bright and early morning routine of feeding his chickens. 

“Well I just had got done feeding my chickens waterin’ em and stuff and I walked back to my house there to get my phone so I could play a video game on it and all a sudden I heard a big “BOOM”…”

Gary goes on to describe the mangled scene consisting of a flipped SUV and a snapped utility pole that would ultimately become the catalyst of what was yet to come. 

It just so happened that the peak of that utility pole that had just come crashing down had been the cradle for a large hive of some now very angry bees! 

Gary continues to recall his account of the couple swiftly vacating the car in a panic!

“And they like “AAAH”, come out screaming and squalin’, and uh, running around, ’bout like a chicken with his head cut off!”

The couple then raced to Gary’s property and attempted to use his garden hose in hopes of warding off the vicious attackers with water from the high pressured hose!

“But I told ’em, you need to get out of that water, but see I didn’t know they was getting eatin’ by bees I thought they was jus high,” Gary continues. 

It was later reported that the couple was, in fact, under the influence of drugs, as they claim the reason for their dangerously intoxicated drive was primarily to locate a spot to swim. 

While Gary has a few of his own bee stings from the eventful morning, the is hoping that he couple learned a very valuable lesson from this unfortunate experience.

Take a look at Gary’s comical and very country interview with local broadcasters below!


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