Recent Snapchat Could Mean Serious Competition For Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani‘s son Kingston Rossdale was channeling his inner Blake Shelton over the weekend with his one of a kind snapchat video! 

10-year-old Kingston commandeered Stefani’s snapchat account and took advantage of the hilarious and wide variety of filters the app provides users. However, in the montage of comical clips personally recorded by Kingston, there was one in particular that had us in tears! 

Kingston creatively used the app’s filter known as “face swap” and stole the mug of Stefani’s current beau and country music super star Blake Shelton! 

As if the simple face swap wasn’t cute enough, Kingston took it one step further by serenading his viewers with Shelton’s popular hit “God Gave Me You”. However, that was only one of the many amusing Snapchat compilations that Kingston had shared with fans over the weekend. 

It’s no doubt (pun not intended) that Kingston inherited his enjoyable sense of humor from his former No Doubt star mother, who is noted for her quirky personality and outgoing energy that is commonly viewed on NBC’s hit show The Voice

Coincidently enough, it was the hit show The Voice that sparked the flame between Shelton and Stefani back in November of 2015 when they had officially announced their recent and only flourishing relationship. Shelton had been married to country music success Miranda Lambert for just over 5 years when they both announced their divorce in July of 2015. Nearly a month later, Stefani also publicly announced her split from British musician Gavin Rossdale after a whopping 13 years of marriage. 

However, the two seem to be on cloud nine since starting their new journey together and it seems that Shelton has successfully won over the heart of Stefani’s son, Kingston. Way to go, Blake! Check out the series of snaps for yourself!

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