Secret Disorder Nearly Killed Off Country Star’s Career

Secret Disorder Nearly Killed Off Country Star’s Career | Country Music Videos


Breaking out on the American Idol stage, this dark secret nearly ruined every dream for this beautiful young country star. 

Known for her huge and powerful voice, bright and beaming smile, and her bubbly personality, Lauren Alaina stole America’s hearts when she took runner-up on ‘Idol’ standing right next to fellow country singer Scotty McCreery

With huge dreams of country stardom and a bright future already laid out before her with her success on ‘Idol’, she was headed places – and headed there fast. 

But one secret she hid from almost everyone put all of that at risk and could have eliminated her ability to continue on. 

As Alaina tells The Tennesseean, a blogger began referring to her as ‘Miss Piggy’ while she was on stage with American Idol, and as a young teenager – this hit her really hard. She struggled with her weight for a long time, and being center stage to public opinion was devastating with comments like that. 

This led to a years-long fight with a secret disorder, one that she calls her “deepest, darkest secret” – and one that would endanger everything she ever wanted to achieve. 

This battle with bulimia took a toll on her body, and there was only a limited amount of time that she had before it completely destroyed her ability to sing. 

Luckily, during a visit to a specialist about vocal polyps, the doctor likely noticed signs of bulimia and asked about a history of eating disorders – as they can worsen the polyps and symptoms. 

After admitting to the doctor that she was battling bulimia, the doctor made a shocking confession: if she continued forcing her body to throw up… she would never sing again

Obviously, singing is the only thing I want to do in life,” she says of the doctor’s revelation. “I have no backup plan. People knowing made me not want to do it.”

It was that point that she turned everything around and embarked on a healthier lifestyle with a personal trainer and chef to help her achieve her goals. 

Her struggle with bulimia and body image is beautifully written in her new single, “Road Less Traveled”, which she is out promoting and performing regularly. It’s truly a great song with a great message. 

Watch the performance below where Lauren Alaina performs this powerful song live! 

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