Chris Young Opens Up About 66-Pound Weight Loss

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Chris Young shows off inspiring 66-pound weight loss journey.

We’ve watched Chris Young light up the stage for years, but lately, there’s something undeniably different about the 38-year-old country star. It’s not his excitement for his upcoming album or the incredible energy he’s getting from his performances, Young recently showed the world that he has lost a staggering 66 pounds.

Young explained his health situation at the time, “It was just kind of like the check engine light comes on in your car. It’s time to fix some stuff,” he told ET, He shared that his doctor said, “She was like, ‘You got to do something.’ Like, it was the first time in my life my doctor looked at me and was like, ‘You’re sort of in an unhealthy place right now, all right? So I was like, ‘OK, well, I really like being in my career and getting a chance to travel the world and play shows, so I want to do that as long as possible.'”

Getting a personal trainer and eating a healthier diet.

Determined, Young immersed himself in eating healthy and doing consistent workouts with Jeremy Holt, his personal trainer. Initially, he stuck to a strict diet, but after six months, he eased up on the strictness and allowed himself to have a few things that he liked.

“It’s a lot more meal prep and being conscious of, you know, calories to protein ratio when I’m taking stuff in,” Young said. “I love to cook, so that’s been beneficial of me being able to go, ‘All right, I’m gonna meal prep for the road. I’m gonna make stuff I like.'”

Young went on to joke that he would be an “absolute bear to deal with” to the people who work with him if he wasn’t able to eat a small amount of carbs. He says that bread and quesadillas are a couple of things he just can’t go without.

Photo Chris Young took at the gym.
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His personal trainer says Young’s been a consistent hard worker.

Young noted that due to him always looking into healthier ways of eating, these days, most of what he sees on his social media feed is music-related, comedy videos, and ways to make healthier food tasty. After six months of sticking to a good diet and workout regimen, he’s now six foot, four inches, and weighs around 230 pounds.

Young’s trainer, Holt, vouched for him saying, “[He] come in every day and been a consistent hard worker. The benefits of what he’s been doing [is] a big testament to how if you just put your mind to it and stay consistent with whatever you’re trying to do, especially in the fitness realm, it’s gonna pay off in some shape or form.”

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Beyond the physical benefits, Young’s transformation has also reshaped his confidence. He said he used to have to put on a jacket and pose at red carpet-events with his hands in front of his stomach.


“I felt comfortable,” he told ET, “and I just didn’t before.”

He plans to continue his healthly lifestyle saying, “It’s something I want to continue doing and I enjoy being at the gym, I enjoy being in the gym with friends and, you know, working out with my trainer. It’s just become a part of my everyday life now.” 

In addition to his progress in health, Young has also been excited about his new album his looking at releasing something early next year.

As Chris Young gears up to share more of his music with the world, one thing is certain – Young is in a healthier, happier place, both on and off the stage.

Watch Chris Young’s “Young Love & Saturday Nights” official music video below!

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