Family Films Rare Albino Deer In Their Yard

Family Films Rare Albino Deer In Their Yard | Country Music Videos


One family in North Carolina was amazed by the sight of a magnificent creature in their yard. The animal was so magnificent, a child in the home wondered if it belonged to Santa Claus!

The family, who lives in a north Raleigh neighborhood, sent a video to of a special deer taking a stroll through their yard. What made this deer so special is the fact that it was albino, meaning it completely lacked any pigmentation (so it therefore has white fur).

Albino deer are extraordinarily rare. states that only 1 in every 30,000 deer are albino.

The albino deer that walked through this North Carolina family’s yard appeared to be a young buck, since it was sporting a small rack of antlers.

The video sent by a WRAL viewer truly captures the magic of seeing this white deer in the wild,” wrote about the video the family filmed of the albino buck in their yard.

The clip is short, but shows how mesmerized at least one family member was when they saw the stunning deer walk past their window. As the person holding the camera films, you can hear a child in the background ask “Is that Santa’s deer?

They then repeat themselves, saying it more as a statement of fact. “Mama it’s Santa’s deer!” they exclaim. Listen to their excitement when you watch the video of the deer below.

We’d be just as ecstatic if we saw an albino deer in our yard!

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