‘Horse Woman’ Becomes Internet Sensation. Part Equestrian, Part Horse

‘Horse Woman’ Becomes Internet Sensation. Part Equestrian, Part Horse | Country Music Videos

Horse Woman Becomes Viral Sensation (Twitter / @yChernno)


Walking on two feet for most people is hard enough.

Let alone running on all fours like a horse.

This pferdmädchen, which translates to horse lady, makes running like a horse seem like a walk in the park.

A video posted by Ayla Kirstine this week showing off her horse skills has gone viral and for good reason. She shows off her skills by running along a country path on all fours just like a horse. If her effortless gallop doesn’t impress you already, make sure to watch the video till the end of her easily jumping a regular size picnic table.

I don’t know about you but I can barely run that fast on two feet let alone jumping that high. Amazing job Ayla!

An unlikely star, Ayla was never creating these videos for attention.

It’s rumored she actually deleted her original Instagram account after going viral initially.

However, we’re happy to see her back on the platform doing what she loves and taking on new challenges with different obstacles.

Here she is practicing hurdling what appears to be a steel pipe between two cinderblocks, gradually increasing the height of the bar with each leap.


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Horses are often evaluated on their ability to gait.

While most horses can simple do three gaits there are actually five specific gaits that include; walk, trot, canter, gallop, and back. Ayla is well on her way to giving real horses a run for their money if she were to ever compete.

As talented as she is, there are many that have adopted this form of prestigious horsing around. Anna Salander has also become an internet sensation for her ability to run like a horse as well in the video below.We smell a competition brewing in the near future between these two athletes.

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