Mountain Lion Has No Idea Its Being Recorded…Until The Dog Barks

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A woman visiting Boulder, Colorado filmed a wild encounter with a mountain lion creeping in her backyard on a snowy day.

Nina Isaacs, who normally lives in London, England, has been staying in Boulder since the Christmas holidays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On this particular day, the snow was coming down thick when Nina started filming from inside the home.

The footage showed the big cat walking in about three inches of snow and looking back at the window where Nina and her dog were standing. As they watched the cat walked around in the backyard curiously looking at its surroundings, she got about two minutes of footage of it. It eventually ran off, but not before the dog barked at it.

 “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” she says in the video.

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Ways To Avoid Bad Encounters With Mountain Lions

One thing you can do to avoid a bad experience with mountain lions is to make a lot of noise, this way they know you’re there. Mountain lions are most active at dusk and dawn and it’s always a good idea to install outside lighting around your home so you can see a lion if there is one there.

You can also eliminate hiding places for them by keeping bushes, vegetation, and the landscape well kept. Deer love to eat non-native shrubs and plants so if you have them planted in your yard, the plants may attract the deer that will then attract the predators. It’s safer to stick with native plants and flowers.

Officials also recommend that you keep your pets under control and in a safe place if you live in mountain lion country. They are easy targets at night and are mostly attacked when let outside to use the restroom. It’s best to feed them inside and not leave food bowls outside for wildlife to be attracted to. Store your garbage securely, keep barns and sheds closed at night, and with these methods, you can stay safer.

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