Speed Society Makes a Dying Man’s Car Dreams Come True

By Kevin Blue on Nov 18th, 2021

As the hustle and bustle of everyday life consume us all, there comes moments and situations where time stands still. When someone close to you is informed that they have been diagnosed with a disease or disorder that will most certainly change their course of life forever, you can’t help but feel guilty or in need to spring into action and help in anyway you possibly can!

That all happened the day a well know car enthusiast and country music fan, Kristian Nyberg was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage-4 Cancer. Kristian is an incredible human being that has left an impression across the automotive enthusiast community over the years with his infectious personality and attitude towards life and camaraderie. Kristian has become a staple at drag racing and music events around the country and has befriended many from regular enthusiasts to the industries companies. So without a doubt this terrible news brought us all to our knees.

So what do you do in a time of need? Speed Society, one of the largest automotive enthusiast lifestyle brands in the Unites States had to step up and do something to help! Speed Society reached out to Kristian directly and asked Kristian, if you had one wish, what would that be? Kristian said, I would dream to have my 1969 Camaro project finally built and finished so I could drive it one last time. Without hesitation, the entire team at Speed Society jumped into action by driving out to Kristian’s home in San Diego, rolling the car up on a trailer and taking it back to their headquarters.

Before the car even arrived at their HQ, Speed Society jumped on the phone with every single aftermarket company in the entire automotive industry, explained the situation and pitched them on being involved and sponsoring this build to make Kristian’s dream come true. To their shocking surprise, absolutely every single person and company jumped in without hesitation and Kristian’s dream car was truly underway.

During the entire build, Speed Society documented everything and kept Kristian involved throughout the whole process in a YouTube series called “Build for Brain Cancer”. This series is comprised of 12 episodes and it goes into great details of the sickness, the struggles, the build, the problems and all the partners and companies involved like Detroit Speed, Jegs, ADV.1, Michelin, Vengeance Racing, LME, Precision Turbo, Holley and the list goes on and with 42 major companies involved. There are also shocking cameos from celebrities like Daddy Dave and Jeff Lutz of Discovery Channels “Street Outlaws” & “No Prep Kings” that personally put their hands into making this mans dreams come true. It’s truly magical to see how an entire industry came together to accomplish something truly incredible for a complete stranger, you are in for a treat and a complete tear-jerker.

At the end of the day, there is something so emotional and the connection you can have and the impact on people who are passionate about the same music or genre’s you like, the same hobbies, cars etc. When someone is in need, it’s amazing to see the power of those like minded individuals and enthusiasts that will treat you like your own and do whatever it takes to help you in a time of need. This bond is what brings us all together and this bond is what made Kristian’s dream come true. Some people don’t understand car people or the never ending desire to get behind the wheel of your dream-car or strap that dream guitar around you and play your favorite song. These things bring the ultimate joy and happiness to life, we salute that and Speed Society.

Kristian’s car was completed and he was able to drive it and take his son out on his emotional first drive in it. The car was then displayed at the world renown SEMA trade show in Las Vegas and was enjoyed by all that got to see and experience it for the first time. It’s very humbling to see human struggle and the happiness that can be achieved by people who care and try to make a difference. This is what life is all about, this is what making a car guys dream come true looks like.

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