Texas Men Noodle Potential Record-Breaking 98-Pound Catfish

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In a thrilling display of sheer determination and skill, two Texas anglers, Justin White and Drew Moore, have managed to reel in a colossal flathead catfish using nothing but their bare hands. This extraordinary catch, which took place at Texas’s Lake Tawakoni, left fishing enthusiasts astounded and has the potential to secure a place in the annals of noodling history.

The intrepid duo had been on the hunt for a new fishing spot and struck gold two weeks prior to their astounding feat. They stumbled upon a hole nestled 14 feet below a concrete slope beneath a bridge. Although their initial catches weighed in at a respectable 30 pounds, White and Moore believed that there were even larger fish lurking in the depths of the cove.

Their hunch led them back to the site on the evening of June 23, only to be greeted by an unexpected storm that forced them to seek shelter under the very bridge where their underwater adventure awaited.

Undeterred by the storm, the pair geared up and embarked on their quest for an impressive catch. Armed with a Hookahmax Dive System to breathe underwater, they descended into the abyss and cautiously made their way through a narrow rectangular opening. White described the experience as “very eerie,” setting the stage for what was to come.

Justin and Drew hold up their big catch.
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As they swam deeper into the hole, the sudden chaos ensued. A gargantuan catfish, its head as wide as their chests, launched relentless assaults on the fearless anglers. The battle between man and beast was fierce, but with unwavering determination, they managed to subdue the ferocious creature, pinching it tightly and daring to enter its mighty jaws.

Disoriented and determined to conquer the challenge, they relied on the hose from their trusty Hookahmax Dive System to breathe and guide them out of the underwater labyrinth, swimming upward for 14 treacherous feet.

Moore told Field & Stream, “Anybody can grab one of these fish, but not everyone can hang onto them.”

The triumphant fishermen hoisted their prize to the surface, employing an oversized stringer to keep the mighty catfish subdued. Overwhelmed by its sheer size and magnificence, they grappled with the task of accurately weighing their catch.


Initial handheld scales yielded readings of 103 and 108 pounds, but aware of the significance of their achievement, they opted to bring the fish to Duck Cove Marina for an official weighing. Along the way, they allowed the fish to swim intermittently, ensuring its well-being.

Record-Breaking 98-Pound Catfish

Duck Cove Marina at Lake Tawakoni / Facebook

The suspense reached its climax as the certified scale at the marina finally settled on a staggering 98.7 pounds.

“It was very rewarding to know we’ve busted our asses for years and it finally paid off,” Moore declared.

Indeed, their exploits have the potential to etch their names in the prestigious IGFA World Record Book, as the largest catfish ever noodled and weighed on a certified scale.

“Congratulations to these fellas Justin White and Drew Moore Catfish a whooping 98.7 pounds and caught out at Lake Tawakoni. Now that is one mighty catfish,” Duck Cove Marina at Lake Tawakoni wrote on Facebook.

While relishing their newfound fame, White and Moore have no intention of resting on their laurels. Their passion for the exhilarating rush of hand fishing and their insatiable quest for greatness propel them forward.

According to Field & Stream, White said, “Our goal has always been to beat the 100-pound mark. We often joked that if we beat it, we would just retire. Luckily, we didn’t beat it. That’s what we’re after now.”

The remarkable story of White and Moore serves as a testament to the spirit of noodling enthusiasts and their relentless pursuit of extraordinary catches. This awe-inspiring tale is bound to captivate the imagination of fishing aficionados far and wide, leaving them eagerly anticipating the next breathtaking feat from these intrepid anglers.

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