WATCH: Black Widow Spider Takes Down Coral Snake In Venomous Battle

Gary Stockton / YouTube

A black widow spider swiftly conquers a coral snake in Magnolia, Texas.

Black Widow spiders, known for their distinctive black coloring and red hourglass-shaped markings, are notorious arachnids that evoke both fascination and fear due to their venomous nature.

Black Widow Spider
National Geographic

The black widow spider is suitably named because the female usually eats the male after mating. The venom of the black widow is a neurotoxin and can lead to severe systemic reactions and in rare cases, death. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services (Texas DSHS), the black widow’s venom is reportedly 15 times more toxic than the venom of the prairie rattlesnake.

Preferring warmer climates, black widows are prevalent in the southern regions of the United States and can be encountered in the majority of the contiguous 48 states. They establish residences in areas like wood piles, tree stumps, and various concealed spots, aiming to avoid disturbance. 

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However, disturbing them can lead to an unfortunate encounter with the unsuspecting intruder.

One day, a Texan man found himself in an extraordinary situation when he stumbled upon a black widow spider engaged in a match with a venomous coral snake. The spider had ensnared the snake in its web and was in the process of delivering a fatal bite. Once entangled in the robust web, this snake’s fate was all but sealed.

Regrettably for the spider, its triumph would be short-lived, as the man recording the incident declared that a shovel would soon intervene. Nevertheless, this wild encounter goes to show that winning these showdowns isn’t always about who’s the biggest. Nature can be pretty surprising!

This serves as a reminder to stay vigilant for both spiders and snakes, as their bites can have serious consequences.

Watch the lethal confrontation below!

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