Men Can’t Stop Laughing After Drinking Helium Infused Beer


Say it ain’t so! Beer infused with helium seems the perfect addition to any party. But, is it real?

Last year, a video of two men sharing helium-infused drinks at a bar went viral. The hilarity of the men’s tiny voices as they drank the beverage left viewers in stitches. It also left people wondering if there is such a thing as helium-infused beer and where it can be purchased.

Unfortunately, the video was nothing more than an April Fools’ Day joke. We’re not sure where the idea originated as there are numerous bottling companies who have posted similar videos.

Two years ago, Massachusettes-based Berkshire Brewing Company shared an 8-minute long video introducing fans to their version of liquid helium-infused beer. 

“The hop aromas and flavors are just super overinflated, but it’s got this incredible light mouthfeel to it,” explains a Berkshire Brewing Company employee in a high-pitched voice.

Almost convincing us that the beer truly exists, another worker delves into the science behind the beer. 

“Beer has four major ingredients, which is water, grain, hops and yeast,” he says. “There’s a fifth ingredient which is carbon dioxide, and sometimes you leave that out and nitrogenize beers. So this time we were like ‘what other gasses should we use?’ So we decided to put some helium in there.”

Sounds legit, right? Millions of people thought so as the internet blew up with inquiries of where to purchase the beverage. 

But, according to some in depth scientific research, helium-infused beer in impossible. Stone Brewing Company, who claims to have been the brains behind the original epic April Fools Day joke, had to do a lot of talking to convince people that it’s not possible to infuse beer with helium. Why? 

1. Helium is not soluble in water (or beer in this case). You can’t carbonate beer with helium like you can with carbon dioxide or nitrogen.

2. Adding liquid helium would be impossible as it turns from liquid to gas at -220°F. You’d end up freezing your beer.

3. Even if you could somehow add helium to beer, it would cause gushing because, again, helium is not soluble in beer.

Are you convinced? Check out the video that has everyone talking about helium-infused beer below and let us know what you think!

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