Miley Cyrus Reveals If She Would Do A ‘Hannah Montana’ Reboot With Dad Billy Ray

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In 2011, the world was introduced to the Disney Channel phenomenon Hannah Montana, as well as the young girl who played her, Miley Cyrus. This was also the moment that she stopped being known as Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter, and he started being known as Miley Cyrus’ dad.

He co-starred on the show with her, playing her dad, but it was Miley who captured the hearts of millions with her impeccable comedic timing and incredible voice.

After 4 seasons, the show went off the air, but by this point, Miley Cyrus was a household name and became a full fledged pop star. She has often gotten flak for venturing very far away from her clean-cut Disney image, but with her latest release, “Malibu“, we now see a more toned down side of her.

While sitting down with the Zach Sang Show on May 13, she opened up about her new music, a possible Hannah Montana reboot, and some of her favorite music she’s released.

With Disney Channel bringing back a That’s So Raven reboot, radio host Zach Sang asked if Cyrus would be interested in doing the same thing with her show.

“[I] probably [wouldn’t do a Hannah Montana reboot],” she said. “Probably not because… it’s a lot of time to be spent with my dad. You know, my dad was my dad on the show. I have enough dad time.”

She revealed that while most kids went to school all day without their parents, she didn’t get to do that. She went to work – with her dad. 

That was really hard every day from, like, [ages] 11 to 18. I didn’t get a school escape like most people,” she explained. “I went to work with my dad. And then I started driving my dad toward the end, when I could start driving. And then my grandma went with me every day. It was a lot of time with dad and grandma. That’s why, as soon as I turned 18, you guys wonder why I was twerking at Juicy J shows. I had just spent 10 years every day with my dad and grandma…I had to break free.

She said she’s really excited for Raven’s reboot and will be binge watching it when it comes out, but doesn’t think now’s the time to bring back Hannah Montana.

Even though a Hannah Montana reboot would be too much “dad time”, she still asked Billy Ray to be her mentor on the next season of The Voice

Watch one of their most heartwarming scenes from the Hannah Montana Movie below. 

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