Northerner, Aaron Lewis, Gives Cold Hard Facts About Being A Redneck

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This response to critics who claim that rednecks only exist in the South is a hard-hitting look at life outside of the southern states – and reveals just how “country” a large number of other places actually are. 

Aaron Lewis, a Vermont-born singer/songwriter, takes folks to task over the common perception that only someone from the South could be a redneck in his song “Northern Redneck.” 

Appearing on stage at the famous Bluestone concert venue in Ohio, Lewis belted this original song out to the crowd of country fans that couldn’t get enough of him. 

The song, which is included on his album, Sinner, speaks of the varying parts of life on a Northern farm, adventures in the countryside, and delivers the cold-hard facts about rednecks living up north. 

“We got backroads an’ four-wheel-drives

We got tailgates on a Friday night
And it’s a half hour from my front door
To a Walmart or a grocery store

What you all don’t understand
It ain’t all about a southern man”

All-in-all, Lewis makes a strong point that “there’s rednecks north of the Mason-Dixon,” and unearthing a new side to life in the North that many may have overlooked. 

Watch Aaron Lewis’ riveting performance of “Northern Redneck” at the Bluestone below. 

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