Toby Keith Reunites Wife & Deployed Husband During Passionate ‘American Soldier’ Performance

Toby Keith Reunites Wife & Deployed Husband During Passionate ‘American Soldier’ Performance | Country Music Videos

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Country music star Toby Keith has been no stranger to patriotism, continuously showing pride in his nation, his flag, and his military. The “Beer For My Horses” singer has performed for countless troops at numerous military bases, even performing at the inauguration of President Donald Trump earlier this year. While the singer has wholeheartedly paid his respects to the brave men and women fighting for our country through endless songs and performances, one moment stands out above all in which a military wife was given perhaps one of the greatest surprises possible. 

During one of Keith’s highly coveted concerts, the singer began to casually talk to his audience about his respect for our uniformed men and women, allowing a camera to pan on an unsuspecting gal in the audience. “Somebody give her a boost up here,” Keith ordered as the woman was lifted from the crowd and guided to the country star. Consumed by confusion and excitement, the woman explains to Keith that her husband is deployed, sharing his name and rank with the crowd. 

Keith, deeply moved by the sacrifices made by this husband and wife, dedicated a performance of his powerful hit “American Soldier” to the deployed husband, keeping the woman onstage for his performance and offering her a swig out of his red solo cup.

As the incredibly moving perfomance reached further into the song, a man in a military uniform walked on stage, and fans became instantly aware it is Major Pete Cruz, the woman’s husband. The woman rushes to his arms and hugs him as the audience erupts into cheers and applause. 

Keith not only continued the concert with the doting couple on stage, but kicked off a performance of his bad ass anthem “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue”. The Major joined Keith for a key power verse, taking to the microphone to announce to the crowd, “We’ll put a boot in your ass/ It’s the American way”.

And the rest is history. Be sure to check out this emotional moment below! 

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