Dog Pulls Girl Out Of Ocean “Saving” Her From Drowning

Daily Mail / YouTube

Matyas, the dog, was swimming with his owner’s granddaughter back in Aug 2018 when he was filmed on video trying to save her life after thinking she was drowning in the ocean.

The video showed the two splashing around on the shallow coastal shoreline near a city called Gouville-sur-Mer located in France.

Matyas watched the little girl as she played in the water and it wasn’t until a big wave came along and threw her underwater that he decided playtime was over.

Daily Mail / YouTube

The incoming wave tossed the girl around submerging her underwater for a moment, potentially appearing in Matyas’ mind, that she was drowning.

The protective pup couldn’t take it anymore and with his own mouth, grabbed onto the left shoulder of her shirt and started dragging her out the ocean.

Like a good protector, he gently pulled her all the way out of the water and back onto the sandy beach. Whether playing or truly being protective, Matyas was surely being a good boy.

Daily Mail / YouTube

The granddaughter, who looked to be about six or seven years old, was smiling, laughing, and spitting out water the whole time while the dog was successfully “pulling her out of danger.”

Matyas didn’t stop pulling until the girl reached the full safety of the sandy beach.

The video was filmed by her family so she was probably never really in any danger, never the less, that doesn’t make Matyas’ heroic act any less honorable. Good job pup!

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