Duck Dynasty’s Rebecca Robertson Recently Suffered A Miscarriage

Duck Dynasty’s Rebecca Robertson Recently Suffered A Miscarriage | Country Music Videos

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As her son, Zane, quickly approaches his second birthday this January, Duck Dynasty star Rebecca Robertson’s Instagram feed has been flooded with comments from fans asking if he will be getting a sibling soon.

The 32-year-old took to Instagram on Wednesday (Nov. 11) to address these comments, saying, “It makes my heart ache every single time.”

Then, she revealed why these comments hurt so badly: she recently had a miscarriage.

Rebecca said that she and her husband, John Reed, found out she was pregnant “a while back” and they were “ecstatic.” She said that they couldn’t wait to share the news with their family this holiday season.

But when I woke up on October 29th that morning in a pool of blood I knew something was very wrong,” she wrote on Instagram.

Rebecca went to the doctor right away and was told she had a miscarriage during her first trimester, before they were even to get an ultrasound. Because she and John Reed were never able to see an image of the baby, she says, “I think that made this sad news easier to soak in for us. I know for many others even farther along this is even harder.”

In the Instagram post, she acknowledged that many women to do not talk about miscarriages due to the shame, but she says, “sharing it actually has helped me heal, recognize the lost & validate my sadness is the first step towards recovery.”


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I haven’t really been myself the last couple of weeks, and I’ve debated whether or not to share about this on here…… I’ve always try to be transparent & be as real as possible through these little squares. But I’ve been holding this secret in and acting like everything is okay in front of people. Especially when I get people asking me all the time “when are you ready to have another baby?” “are you going to give Zane a sibling?” and seeing baby announcements flooding my feed. It makes my heart ache every single time. The truth is….I had a miscarriage I actually found out I was pregnant a while back, we were ecstatic because we had planned on growing our family for quite some time now. We kept it a secret so we could surprise our family with this exciting news during the holidays. But when I woke up on October 29th that morning in a pool of blood I knew something was very wrong. So I went to the dr, and they told me I had suffered an early miscarriage ( when it happens in the first trimester ) fortunately for me it happened so early that I never actually even saw an ultrasound. So I think that made this sad news easier to soak in for us. I know for many others even farther along this is even harder💔😢 I love sharing the journey of my little family, but I think it’s only fair to not only share about the good, but also the bad, all the hurdles & trials it takes to get here. I feel like people don’t really share about this because the shame and the blame that come with it, “did I do something wrong to cause this” , “what’s wrong with me?”, “why is this happening to me?” And I thought maybe keeping it quiet I could pretend it never happen, and it will be less heartbreaking. But the truth is, sharing it actually has helped me heal, recognize the lost & validate my sadness is the first step towards recovery. I also learned that, we will never fully understand the why’s, but I do believe in God’s goodness and we will never get the full picture of what we don’t see in the in between moments & His work in process. ( continues in the comment…)

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Although she is grieving a huge loss, her sister Sadie is celebrating her pregnancy having just announced she will be having a baby girl this spring. Mom Korie shared a lengthy post on Instagram commending Rebecca’s strength and ability to be so happy for Sadie in the midst of her own pain.


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Lots of family news lately, this time of year is always full, back-to-back birthdays, holidays, and lately we’ve had the added joy of celebrating the sweetest news of a little girl that Sadie and Christian are bringing into the world! I know it probably seems like we’re always celebrating something! With 6 kids, spouses, and grand babies, and large extended families on both sides, there is a lot going on, always. While much of what I share here is the fun, the joyful, like all of us, we also experience the hard, the sad. If you’ve lived any bit of life you know, no one is immune to the difficult things of this world. @rebeccalorobertson shared yesterday on her insta that she suffered a miscarriage a couple of weeks ago. Right in the midst of all of the celebrating, she experienced such a loss. We were sad, for her and with her. What I saw in her through this difficult time, was not just sadness and disappointment, of course that was there, but also I saw in her such beautiful, powerful strength. Women we are so much stronger than we think we are. What an amazing thing that we can hold at the same time both joy and loss. Rebecca is the most thoughtful, loving mama to Zane, the kindest sister, aunt, daughter, wife, friend to us all. This picture was taken at @legitsadierob gender reveal. Looking back through the pics, I couldn’t help but think what a beautiful thing to see someone radiate happiness for her sister even when she is grieving her own loss, such joy and contentment in her role as mom to Zane, even when life is not perfect. In this life we are not guaranteed perfection, but we are promised that in all of it God is near.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with Rebecca and her husband as they grieve this loss.

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