Toy Tiger In Barn Sends Farmer Into A Frenzy And Causes Hour-Long Police Standoff

Toy Tiger In Barn Sends Farmer Into A Frenzy And Causes Hour-Long Police Standoff | Country Music Videos

The Scottish Sun

Bruce Grubb, a 24-year old farmer from Scotland, made a frightening discovery that led to an hour-long police standoff standoff on Saturday (February 3). 

According to a report from The Scottish Sun, Grubb called police after spotting a tiger in his barn when he went to check on his cows. Little did he no that the tiger was a stuffed toy and that he was about to send an entire police department into a frenzy with his discovery.

When police arrived, photos of the tiger were sent to headquarters where an Sergeant confirmed that it was in fact real. Six police units were sent to Grubbs’ farm where they stayed in their vehicles while determining the best plan of action to deal with the beast. 

“Nervous radio updates start coming in stating that it was unclear if the Tiger has eaten any cattle but it appeared well fed and it’s ears were seen to twitch but other than that it was very settled,” the news outlet reported. “After some time a rather sheepish sounding Sergeant comes on the air and declares that it was indeed a stuffed toy!”

Grubb defends his reaction saying that he had no doubt that it was real. 

“I was worried it was going to eat all my cows before police managed to shoot it. I was stone cold sober, drink had nothing to do with me thinking it was real,” Grubb said. 

In Grubbs’ defense, numerous wildlife centers and zoos are in near proximity of his residence so there was a very real possibility that an animal had escaped. Thankfully, there was never a threat to Grubb, his livestock or the public and the incident provided a good laugh for all involved.  

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